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Buying diamonds in Antwerp (Belgium)

Looking at a diamond in the Gemsbrokers trading office, Antwerp, Belgium

The assistant shows you packages left in consignment by brokers containing diamonds with certificates or diamond lots.

Inspect and compare certificates and stones with the help of the assistant.
If you are a novice in this field we have provided diamond pages on our website for your consultation.
Should you desire it, a microscope will be made available for your use.

Your assistant is present to advise you and to help you to obtain the best price possible. As a diamond expert in Antwerp, his vast knowledge of this market can be extremely valuable for you. Take advantage of his competence...

Diamond prices are always given in US Dollars (USD), per carat, and do not include taxes. Payments need to be made in cash.  For more information on money matters, look up Banks in Travel Information menu.

in Antwerp

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