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Buying diamonds in Antwerp (Belgium)

The buyers

Jewelers or private buyers buy diamonds easily and safely directly from the Antwerp market for the best wholesale price worldwide.


The brokers

The brokers sell diamonds on behalf of diamonds owners (usually cutting factories) in the secure environment of our trading office. Gemsbrokers assistants negotiate your buying offers with them.


The assistant
The assistant is a legal representative of the trading office who comes from a long history in diamond trading, and can negotiate on your behalf with brokers. He guarantees that legal regulations and procedures are followed when diamonds change ownership. An assistant speaks English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Flemish fluently.


The expert

Diamonds over 0,60 carats are certified. Please note that we only accept certificates from major laboratories like GIA or HRD. Stones with other certificates will be re-checked by our experts. They guarantee the authenticity and the quality of the diamonds.

Gemsbrokers trading office in the Diamond Stock Exchange building, Antwerp, Belgium
The trading office

The trading office is a warm and professional atmosphere in the Antwerp Diamond Stock Exchange building.
Our office is equipped with large tables, precision scales (up to .001 th of a carat), and has optimal conditions for examining diamonds (an examination area illuminated from the North, and “daylight” quality artificial lighting).

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