The brokers

Gemstones brokers

Gemsbrokers introduces to you to the most important participants on the diamond and gemstone market: the brokers.

The brokers represent the supply for gems on the local gemstone markets: local gemstone suppliers rely on them for the sale of their gems. As a result, brokers are always involved in a large volume of confidential transactions, and know the local market well.

Only when you buy directly from the brokers you get the best value possible on the gemstones market.

Brokers come to Gemsbrokers offices because of our professional ethic: we organize fair transactions, and do not choose brokers on the basis of personal relationships or hidden commission fees.

The transparency of operations in Gemsbrokers trading offices is there to protect broker and buyer interests.

It is for this purpose that Gemsbrokers puts at your disposition your own negotiation table. Then, you can engage in trading gems confidentially in a secure setting with the brokers. With Gemsbrokers, you get all you need to make informed buying decisions, and can act on local gemstone markets with the confidence of knowing perfectly how to trade in gems.

In this way Gemsbrokers gives professional and individual buyers the opportunity to enhance their trading results through the use of secure, fully equipped trading offices.

With Gemsbrokers, you can get from the best local brokers quality gems - certified by in-house gem experts - for only a small fraction of the price you would pay in retail stores at home.

The brokers that come to trade in Gemsbrokers offices are native to the province where they practice, and are responsible members of their communities. Like their cities, they are welcoming and grateful towards those that buy gems from the source.

Brokers acknowledge the importance of both human and technological exchanges made possible through your visit to our offices. They respect market participants as they see them as contributors to the welfare of their communities.


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