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Gemsbrokers is an international organization that offers services and solutions for the improvement of the gemstone market.

Our trading platform and commercial ethic gives local traditional economies access to business opportunities available in the world market for diamonds and gemstones.

Our primary aim is to inform all the potential market participants of the safest and simplest ways to buy and sell gems.
The information contained on this website aims to show buyers how to reach local markets to find gems for the best price possible.

Gemsbrokers creates safer places for gem trading. We conduct and apply market, buyer, and product research for an open gem market. In our trading offices buyers receive the advice from gem experts and negotiate directly with local brokers.

Gemsbrokers manages trading offices in an attempt to bridge the gap between local gem supply and world demand, thus allow the buyer to discover the great potential existing locally, by facilitating:

> Fluency in gemstone exchanges by concentrating offers to sell and buy local products.

> Equal opportunity on the gemstone market allowing for the transparency of the transactions taking place, and a free market for agents.

> Total security for market participants, ensuring that transactions are fulfilled through delivery of gems to their buyers, and prompt payment to their sellers.

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