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The city of Antwerp

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Antwerp's international renown as the diamond capital of the world is traditionally linked to its seaport, one of the world's busiest. Business, finance, and research are other strong points of the city today.

To enjoy your visit in Antwerp, a leisurely walk in the old downtown is a must. Here you can better appreciate what has made this city what it is today: its history and cultural heritage.
All around the Grand-Place, the city's central square, you can witness Antwerp's industrious tradition, embodied within the carefully preserved guild houses.
Then, as you stray off from the Grand-Place, you will inevitably discover the delightful havens of peace in the heart of the city found within the withdrawn squares and interior courts of old Antwerp.

Even though Antwerp is steeped in commercial and cultural tradition, it also knows how to reinvent itself, season after season. As an important European center for fashion, Antwerp combines northern European traditions with the latest trends. The delight of American and Japanese tourists, drawn irresistibly by the unique taste of elegance from the local creators' skills, can testify to this.

However, Antwerp's renown also comes from its community of artists. The Rubens memorial house is one of most visited museums in the world!
Several other important museums welcome art lovers of such works as those of Van Dyck, Jordaens, or Peter Breughel the Older, exhibited alongside those of more modern artists like Magritte, Delvaux, Gentils, Panamarenko, and Alechinsky.

Additionnaly, before your stay is over, don't forget that getting to know Antwerp is not only a daytime affair. Night after night this cosmopolitan city is filled of life. The friendliness and warmth of its inhabitants makes this city a real happening place.
Gemsbrokers trusts you will enjoy your time here!

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